Tattoo Aftercare

After returning home from getting your brand new piece of art, remove your bandage. Using your hands, (washclothes can harbor bacteria in their fibers and be abrasive to the fresh tattoo)along with lukewarm water use a liquid or foaming antibacterial soap, free of dyes or scents. Gently wash and rinse the tattoo and pat dry using a paper towel. Once again, do NOT use a hand or bath towel. Let your new tattoo breathe for a bit before applying a thin layer of H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare, Aquaphor, Lubriderm or Aveeno- depending on personal preference. Do not use heavily scented lotions.


DO Change your bed sheets the night of receiving your new tattoo.

DO Wash your tattoo, as instructed daily & moisturize anytime that tattoo feels dry or "tight".

DO Feel free to call us or contact us via Facebook for any questions or concerns you may have.

DON'T Touch your new tattoo with dirty hands, always wash your hands.

DON'T Expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

DON'T Submerge your new tattoo in water. Showering is fine. Soaking in the tub is not. Nor is swimming.

DON'T Pick at scabs on your tattoo- no matter how badly they itch.


DO Wash Your hand before touching your new piercing.

DO Expect piercings to be sore and red.

DO Use H2Ocean, SeaSalt Mixture or AntiBacterial Soap To Clean Your New Piercing

DON'T use chemicals to clean your piercing. If you can't eat it, don't clean your piercing with it.

DON'T play with your new piercing

DON'T submerge your new piercing in water for extended periods of time.

DON'T change your jewelry before your piercer says to. After all, we do jewelry changes for 5 bucks...I mean..come on in.

DON'T go trying to use your new oral piercing right away.... ya know what I mean?


Do you sell clothes jewelry and make up?

Why yes...yes we do...

Do you have to have an appointment for a tattoo or piercing?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is, an appointment is always a great idea! This gives you the chance to ensure that you and your artist "click" visually, check out portfolios, prepare a budget or plan for larger pieces.