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So You Know...

Kustom Culture prides itself in customer service. After all, in our industry that is exactly what we do, right? Provide a service? We believe in giving you what you want. Although we may make suggestions to your art, or warn of potential problems with spacing, aging and so forth- we will never belittle or degrade you or your ideas. In that, we want you to be 100% satisfied with every experience we share together. We ensure clean, professional work, by friendly responsible educated artists.

Meet Our Tattoo Artists & Body Piercers

Mugshots of the members of our diverse little team. Each with their own style, ready to make all your inky dreams come true!


Owner, Tattooist & Piercer

23 Years Experience.

Wendy loves comic & horror tattoos, but can throw down pretty much anything.

 Fun Fact: Wendy prefers to tattoo while listening to West Coast Gangster Rap. OG Status.


Tattoo Artist & Piercer 

Cynnamon has coined her own style dabbling in mandalas and mixing them with awesome gems,bugs and..well..dead things.

Fun Fact: Cynnamon willingly cut her tongue in half and can now make it dance. Stop in and check it out.

ELIZA Gonzalez Miller

Tattoo Artist

While studying fine arts at Kent State,(class right?) Eliza relishes in a number of styles tattooing. From Pokemon to Illustrative Botany.

Fun Fact: Eliza may look like her heart is as black as her lipstick, but really its bedazzled like her DIY heart shaped frames. And she looks like more of a girl than any of There's that. 😉

Nixi jackson

Tattoo Artist - Piercer 

She may smell of baby vomit, but this momma is ready to color blast any tattoo idea you bring her. Watercolor and Graffiti are her favorite, we think it makes up for the "mom smell" 😉

 Fun Fact: She's a big Elvis fan and has been known to accept memorabilia as a tip. Just so you know.

Chris (cc) Aleman

Tattoo Artist

This man can ROCK some Celtic ships..

Fun Fact: Chris doesn't say he does you respect him like the scary viking warrior he is..

Bill walden

Tattoo Artist & Piercer 

A man who served our country, now serves the industry tattooing anything you bring to him. Literally. Bring your infinity knots or giant back pieces- he'll make it work.

Fun Fact: Bill is a robot. Bill doesn't take days off. Bill will display high levels of sarcasm. You've been warned.

haven't scared you off yet...

All kidding aside, these are all talented people devoted to the trade. Contact them today to set something up. Tattoo, piercing or apparel. We got it covered.